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iPhone and iPod Touch

Compuflare is currently developing a Solitare game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Once we receive developer access from Apple, we can complete our testing phase and release the application for $0.99 in the iTunes store.

More to come!

iPhone Solitare game


Java (JDBC, Swing, LG3D, J2EE)

Through the University of Colorado at Boulder I worked on a 3D Java media application (Alice) for Sun Microsystems's Project Looking Glass. We also gained some press from Sun's 2005 Java ONE conference, making it into page 9 of their presentation! We also won "Best in Class" at the Design Expo at the University of Colorado at Boulder! Highlights of my involvement in this group project are outlined below:

  • Design, prototype, and release a revolutionary 3D music player as a demo application.
  • Programming experience with a constantly evolving API.
  • Extensive experience with CVS and Team Management features in JBuilder and Eclipse.
  • Wrote an XML parser using the Xerces2 Java Parser.
  • Developed the User Manual


In a Wireless Sensor Nodes project I worked on in 2004, I created a Java interface to a MySQL database that provides near real-time tracking of mobile users. The project was a success, demonstrating the future possibility of routing visitors around the Engineering building at the University of Colorado using a PDA and wireless sensor nodes. The Java application talked to the MySQL server that gathered data from the wireless sensor nodes. Using this information, it draws a real-time graph of the location of each wireless sensor node, the current user's position, and where the mobile user is traveling. It also offers direct manipulation and deactivation of nodes using a point-and-click interface.


I commonly employ Perl when designing backend processing on webservers where portability between web hosts is a top concern and J2EE is overkill. I have designed interfaces for everything from MySQL databases to form reprocessing scripts for output to email and MS Excel. Following is a sample from a clients website where I used Perl to access the MySQL database and produce a dynamic webpage from the results:

I have extensive experience using Perl where other scripting languages such as Bash or Tcsh are too limited. I have used Perl to parse ER Studio table creation scripts for backup use for Sybase ASE database servers, and to compile reports from Sybase stored procedures and email results about the available space on key database tables.


I created a PHP interface for the Wireless Sensor Nodes project described above. Designed to complement the Java application, I wrote a PHP script that queries the database and reports on the structure and data in each table.

SQL (Sybase, Oracle, MySQL)

From 2004-2005 I was a Research Assistant (Junior Database Administrator and Application Programmer) at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics in Boulder Colorado. I gained extensive hands on experience with Sybase, SQL, stored procedures, and the complexities of working with database systems. My experience is outlined below:

  • Actively maintained and heavily optimized multiple Sybase ASE servers. Extremely high availability and performance requirements as the data was used by NASA and Orbital. Many tables were in the hundreds of Gigabytes; some tables had 15-30 GB indexes.
  • Hand optimized large queries containing joins of 8+ tables when Sybase's internal optimizing engine proved to be ineffective.
  • Developed extensive software for database manipulation, reporting, testing, and analysis. The majority of these programs were written in Java, SQL, and Perl.
  • Created and modified multiple stored procedures in Sybase's Transact-SQL. Completed work-around solutions for Sybase ASE 11.92's lack of support for dynamic SQL and recursion.
  • Actively researched administrative tools and backup software from companies such as Embarcadero, Legato, and Veritas. Compiled a report and presented findings and recommendations to management.

I am taking an Oracle Database 10g: Administration Workshop class with the intent of becoming Oracle certified in the near future.


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